Banshee 521 Super Cub Motor Engine Complete Kit 10mm Cylinder Crank Rebuild kit


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CP Industries 521cc (72mm x 64mm) Super Cub cylinder full drag ported and plated
Noss Machine billet Super Cub head
Billet Super Cub domes (your choice of cc)
Talon Titanium cylinder head stud and nut kit
Wiseco custom 72mm Racer Elite moly coated Super Cub forged pistons
Nitrite coated piston rings
Chrome wristpins 
Banshee +10mm Crankworks stroker crankshaft trued and welded with Maxload and TZ outer main bearings
Complete gasket kit 
Cometic one piece Super Cub base gasket
Seal kit
Super Cub head o-ring kit
Wrist pin bearings
Stud extenders, water jacket plugs, 12 point base nuts
Compatible with all Yamaha Banshee and RZ350 models and years
Crankshaft built in USA by Crankworks
 *Warranty: We stand behind all parts we sell 100%.  If after installation there is an issue contact us for a warranty return.  This product is NOT DIY.  Over 99% of people in the world are not qualified to build an engine, and it is the responsibility of the person doing the work to ensure the parts work correctly.  We ALWAYS STRONGLY recommend parts be installed by a qualified, experienced mechanic.  STUD WARRANTY: If for any reason a stud fails during use, not installation, we will send a new, complete stud kit.  No other parts or any labor are included, and it cannot be converted to a refund or discount on any order.  ALPHA CUB WARRANTY: If your Alpha Cub cylinder fails for any reason not related to installation, tuning, break in, or misuse we will fix the cylinder free of charge.  If it cannot be fixed we will supply you with a new one.  Warranty does not cover any failure that is a result of improper installation, tuning, break in, maintenance, or misuse.  For any warranty to be considered the part(s) in question must first be sent back to us for inspection, NO EXCEPTIONS.  We do not warranty parts based on phone calls, photos, emails, what you read online, or another mechanic’s assessment alone.


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