Banshee 521 10mm Super Cub Polished Cylinder Polish Stroker Top End Rebuild Kit


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The baddest Banshee big bore on the planet!
CP Industries 72x64mm 521cc Super Serval Cub cylinder polished (Serval Cub cylinder is designed by CP to have more bottom end to mid range power)
Noss Machine billet Super Cub cool head polished
Billet 30cc Super Cub domes (any cc you want available contact us)
Wiseco Racer Elite Super Cub forged pistons
Nitrited coated piston rings
Chrome wristpins
SKF wristpin bearings
Top end gaskets and o-rings
Cometic one piece base gasket
Talon TITANIUM cylinder to case and cylinder head stud kit with 12 point flange nuts
Stud extenders
Titanium 12 point base nuts
Water jacket plugs
Cylinder locating dowel pins
Uses 10mm stroker crank
This cylinder requires the top case to be bored and bottom case to be trenched (we can do this for you)
Runs on pump or race gas
To get the most power out of this kit you will need to at minimum upgrade your carbs and pipes
6 month warranty*
Returns: WHEN MAKING A RETURN YOU CAN GET A 100% REFUND OR YOUR CAN GET 115% IF YOU CHOOSE STORE CREDIT!  Contact us for information.  Contact us right away if there is an issue with the parts you received.  99% of problems can be easily solved without returning the entire order.  We accept returns within the first 30 days.  Returns due to a changed mind, sold bike, vehicle needing more work than originally thought, or any examples similar to these are subject to a 10% restocking fee plus our shipping costs.  You can send back all or part of your order as long as any parts for which you are requesting a refund are returned 100% complete, brand new, never installed, & in the original packaging.  Once items have been modified, installed, or used in any way they are not eligible for return. 
 *Warranty: If after installation there is an issue contact us for a warranty return.  This product is NOT DIY.  Over 99% of people in the world are not qualified to build an engine, and it is the responsibility of the person assembling and tuning the engine to make sure all the parts are correct and work properly.  We ALWAYS STRONGLY recommend parts be installed by a qualified, experienced mechanic.  CP Industries Cub Cylinder Warranty:  When it comes to performance products, CP Industries makes the best.  Their cylinders, made in USA, are of such high quality that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on every Yamaha Banshee Cub and Supercub cylinder they sell.  That’s right.  If you bought one of their cylinders from us and it fails you can send it back to us and we will either repair it or replace it.  To receive this warranty the cylinder in question must ALWAYS BE SENT TO US FOR INSPECTION.  Warranty is for CYLINDER ONLY.  No other parts, nor any labor are included.  Warranty does not cover any failure that is a result of improper installation, tuning, break in, lack of maintenance, running the wrong fuel or compression, running lean, or misuse.  Warranty also does not cover routine nikasil re-coating, which has to be done periodically.


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