Banshee 472 Super Cub Machined Cases 4mm Supercub Motor Engine Kit Bored Case


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BRAND NEW OEM crankcases bored for 72mm cylinder
Talon TITANIUM allen head COMPLETE stud kit with 12 point flange nuts for cases, cylinder, and head
CP Industries 472cc 72x58mm Super Cub cylinder (Porting available contact us for pricing)
Noss Machine Super Cub billet cool head
30cc billet Super Cub domes (any cc you want available contact us)
Wiseco Racer Elite Super Cub custom forged pistons
Nitrited coated piston rings
Chrome wristpins
Hotrods +4mm stroker crankshaft assembly
Genuine Moto Tassinari V-Force 4 reeds
Billet clutch basket
HD 8 plate clutch kit with street bike fibers and stiffer springs
Billet clutch lock up – NO COVER
Billet modified shift star
TITANIUM clutch pusher with thrust bearing and silicone nitride ceramic ball
Billet water pump impeller AND billet water pump gear
SKF water pump bearing
SKF transmission bearings
SKF shift cam bearing
SKF wristpin bearings
Billet intake manifolds with boots
Complete gasket and seal kits
Cometic one piece base gasket
Stud extenders
Titanium 12 point base nuts
Water jacket plugs
Cylinder locating dowel pins
NGK spark plugs
This set up is designed by CP to be run on at least 50/50 pump/race gas mix
521cc Super Cub always requires case modification (We can do this for you)
Other parts are required for this to run properly like pipes, bigger carbs, etc. Contact us for options and pricing
Limited 6 month warranty*


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