Banshee 10mm Chubby Cub 78mm Cub Cylinder Drag Ported Complete 611cc Cub Top End


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THE BADDEST BANSHEE BIG BORE ON THE PLANET! GET UP TO 150 HP*!Please Read Full Description, Important Information on Case Requirements!
This listing is designed for a 115mm Rod, If you have a 120mm Rod please contact us
78mm x 64mm (+10mm stroke) CP Industries Chubby Cub cylinderFull drag porting and nikasil plated by Millennium TechnologiesWiseco 10467M07800 custom forged pistonsNitrite coated piston ringsChrome wristpins CirclipsCP Industries Chubby Cub head shellNoss Machine billet 36cc domes (other cc available just ask)Dome o-ringsSKF wristpin bearingsCometic one piece Cub base gasketIntake gasketsTalon TITANIUM cylinder to case and cylinder head stud and 12 point flange nut kitTalon Titanium allen head stud extendersWater jacket plugsThis type of motor set up is intended to be run on 100 octane or higher fuelFor all Chubby Cub cylinders and all +10mm cranks case modification is required (We can do that for you)You will need to make other modifications to your motor and purchase other parts for this to work properly. After market exhaust and larger carbs are a must, and a different clutch set up, reeds, transmission modification, longer swing arm, etc. are all recommended. We can supply you with every single part you need for this to run as fast and be as reliable as possible, and we can make all the necessary modifications to your motor as well as build it for you. Contact us for pricing and details.


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